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Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs For Meniere's Disease

Meniere's Disease is a symptom complex of vertigo, sounding sounds in the ear (tinnitus), sensation of ear (acoustic) stress, and fluctuating hearing loss. Prosper Meniere at first mentioned this sign complex in 1861. He was the first medical professional to suggest that this symptom complex was due to an inner ear trouble in contrast to main nerves condition such as a stroke or growth. Menieres condition (Morbus Meniere) is a set of three of hearing, dizziness and tinnitus loss with the duration of an assault lasting from minutes to many hrs. It is named after Prosper Menière, a french doctor, that initially mentioned these signs, noted in his patients.

An option reserved for patients with severe, frequent vertigo related to Ménière’s disease is a type of chemical ablation of the labyrinth induced by injecting gentamicin into the middle ear. 2 Gentamicin has a toxic effect on the vestibular hair cells in the inner ear, resulting in elimination of vestibular function. 2 Intratympanic gentamicin is reported to reduce symptoms from Ménière’s disease, but this treatment is only recommended for patients with unilateral disease because it may induce permanent hearing loss. 11 Once your doctor has the results of these tests, he or she will determine if your symptoms are caused by Ménière’s syndrome. How is Ménière’s syndrome treated?

Caffeine can induce the constriction of blood vessels in the inner ear and the brain, and this blood vessel tightening can trigger the onset of symptoms in people with Meniere's disease. The reduced flow of blood in these areas affects how a fluid called endolymph is processed. Normally, this fluid is rapidly absorbed, but blood vessel constriction inhibits the absorption and leads to the buildup of fluid in the inner ear and the onset of symptoms. Migraine Complications Tinnitus, also referred as ringing in the ears, may be a symptom of certain underlying medical conditions. This article tells you how to manage this condition with a few simple home remedies.

Meniere’s disease is a disease that affects the inner ear – a region responsible for balance. It affects 1% of Americans and can be quite disabling since it leads to attacks of vertigo. At present medications can not completely cure the condition and surgery is often unsuccessful. More Although the cause is unknown, it probably results from an abnormality in the fluids of the inner ear. The theory is that too much inner ear fluid accumulates either due to excess production or inadequate absorption. In some individuals, especially those with involvement of both ears, allergies or autoimmune disorders may play a role in producing Ménière’s disease.

Meniere’s disease is a rare condition that many times is poorly understood. In our practice, we see a very high volume of patients with Meniere’s disease. We are used to seeing unusual presentations of this illness and feel that we can offer a comprehensive management strategy to help people cope with the disease. Some references cite that Meniere’s disease will run its natural course over a period of 5 years or so. In many cases it is true that a patient will have a predominance of their dizziness complaints in the initial part of their struggle with Meniere’s disease, and later have more problems with the hearing symptoms.

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